Ethan Funk for Mayor of Ouray. CO

A big Thank You to everyone who supported me, and voted for me.

Please visit the City of Ouray web page at to learn more, and keep in touch with me as your new mayor.

Video archive of the October 14th Election Forum. Mayor portion starts 2:26 into the recording:

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Sponsored by The Woman's Club of Ouray

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Head shot Hi there. Just in case we somehow have not met yet in this community of around 1,000 people, let me introduce myself. I am Ethan Funk, currently one of your City Council representatives.

I was appointed in 2019 to replace Dee Hilton (Moore) on City Council when she resigned from the position. I will complete the remainder of her term at the end of this year. After a great deal of consideration and discussion with previous mayors, City Administrators, and folks active in city politics, I have decided to run for Mayor rather than seek re-election to the Council seat I currently hold. Why? From my perspective, the Mayor position is basically a city councilor who also runs the various council meetings. The Mayor sets the agenda in colaboration with other City Councilors. From my tenure on the Council over the last two years, I feel I can greatly improve the mood, efficiency, and fairness to the public of our meetings. I hope to continue to serve the City with my particular insights and experience, if you, the voters, allow me to continue my work now in the Mayor's role.

With the recently updated Community Plan, available for download in the documents section of this web page, the Council has been given clear direction from the community on where we should be heading. I intend to take this document seriously, and to use it as the basis for the creation of an updated City Master Plan. With the enormous time spent by community volunteers and city staff to create this plan, it would be both wrong, and a disincentive for future community involvement, if the Council were to not treat it with seriousness that reflects the effort spent to create it.

Ouray City Council does not provide a living for its members (not by a long shot), so I also run two businesses with my brother, Eric Funk, which pay my actual bills. Red Mountain Radio LLC is our RF design engineering business, and Mountain Chill Radio our FM and Internet radio station, with FM coverage over on the San Miguel side of the mountains.

Please see the links below to learn more about my professional history as an electrical engineer specializing in wireless communications design, my media experience running a small-market FM radio station, and its related branding and influencing campaigns, and to get an idea about how I have run these two successful businesses through a pandemic, various economic down-turns, and an endless maze of Federal Government regulations.

I welcome conversations with community members, be that at the post office, by email, or by telephone: funke (at) for current city business, ethan (at) for election related business, or 970.422.0953

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Stop by and say hello durring one of my meet-and-greet events.

I am running a grass-roots, self-funded election campaign. Since I am not accepting monetary donations, I ask that you support me with your time and voice. Feel free to download sticker art work (PDF files) below, to send to your favorite stricker, coffee mug, or other swag making company. And yes, there are cool t-shirst with the poster graphic floating around out there. I have not seen any with the stick graphic yet.

Stickers: Color suspen$
                        <a href=B&W suspenders poster download

I am running a grass-roots, self-funded election campaign. Since I am not accepting monetary donations, I ask that you support me with your time and voice. Download and print my campaign poster (PDF file) below, if you would like to help me get the word out!

Poster: B&W poster 

We all know the City of Ouray web site is difficult to navigate. So here are download links to some very useful City documents. I am happy to discuss any of these with you.

DocumentFile TypeDesciption
Code Of ConductPDF 2018 Resolution establishing a code of conduct for City Council members download
Home Rule CharterPDF 2009 Charter for the City of Ouray download
Community PlanPDF Adopted in 2021, This is the community's vision for the direction the City should be headed. download
2020 Survey ReportPDF Results of a 2006 survey asking our businesses and residents what they wanted Ouray to be like in the year 2020. Eerily similar to the Comminity Plan above. download
2014 Strategic PlanPDF 2021 Most recent Strategic Plan for the City - This needs to be updated in consideration of the new Community Plan download
City CodePDF 2021 Most recent City Code - All changes by ordinance, except for the last few months, are included. download